08 Sep

Being sexually active is an important aspect in the healthcare sector today. The healthcare knowledge is gained through books, friends, our counselors, as well as health care professionals just to mention but a few. But most of the time when it comes to sexual education, most the people shy off, yet the cases of sexually transmitted diseases are increasing each day. Whether one is in the process of foreplay or into an intimate sexual activity, care needs to be taken about the actions and the decisions that are made. It is advisable that people should not shy off from the sex talk, be it for fun or just pleasure. The idea of using sex toys should be a serious discussion between the couples that are yet to begin their sexual relationship.

Sex toys are an issue that should be taken into serious consideration because they are part and parcel of sexual health. The simple definition of sex toys is those devices that are used to stimulate and provide the pleasure need during sexual activity. There are so many types of sex types available now in the market, and they are made from different types of materials. There are toys available made of silicone material, latex as well as plastic. 

Silicone sex toys come in different shapes and sizes, and they are purchased according to an individual's feel of the sense of satisfaction they will receive from using it. They are made from the soft materials, and they are non-porous hence easier to clean, and another advantage is that they warm the body giving someone a real feeling of sex. Some people though use condoms with the silicone toys.

Plastic sex toys are smooth despite the fact that they appear to be hard. They are the best choice when one intends to go for a vibrator because they are hard plastic than the normal jelly vibrator. The mode of cleaning of the plastic vibrators can be boiling is water, cleaning using soap, bleach, or just the dishwasher soap.

Latex sex toys are cheap compared to the others, and therefore most people prefer this type of sex toys. Also they appear to be less flexible.

There are numerous types of sex toys in the market, and one can just make a choice of their preferred one, but caution is that they have to be used very well to ensure maximum safety.

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